Are E-bikes Safe?

E-bikes Safe

Electric bikes are taking the roads by storm. With numerous benefits, people of every age are investing in e-bikes for a great travel experience and a healthy companion. Yet, this raises concern if electric bikes are truly safe to hit the asphalt. As you think of getting a new e-bike, the urge to hit the road would be immense. However, you first need to get acquainted with the e-bike itself. Being faster than conventional bikes, e-bikes dash through the roads at greater speeds and if your attention strays, you might be subjected to major accidents, injuring yourself as well as pedestrians. This is why, it is important to know your electric bike, its safety and controls. For a novel e-bike rider, you should start with unchallenging, deserted roads to practice and regulate appropriate speed. Furthermore, to make your e-bike ride a safer experience, remember to do these crucial things.

Maintain Your e-Bike Equipment

Get to know the elements that make up your e-bike. A typical e-bike has either pedal-activated controllers or throttle-based controllers.

Pedal activated controllers: They are comparatively comfortable for travel. You can receive assistance from these pedals to continue peddling without any assistance, while also regulating it through the controller screen.

Throttled-based controllers: These controllers are akin to conventional bikes. You can control and regulate the speed of these bikes by twist grips available on them, which will help you minimize speeding risks.

Essentially working on an electric motor, one of the many elements that cause safety hazards are e-bike batteries on which these bikes function. Take great precautions in disposing of lithium-ion and lead batteries to avoid any hazard. Moreover, ensure that you are charging your batteries above freezing point during cold weather.

Follow e-Bike Road Safety

Exercise road safety laws like they are your bible. Make sure you are going with the traffic and not in the opposite direction. This will increase the risks of unfortunate accidents. It goes without saying that you should obey the traffic rules like your life depends on it (it does!). Get educated on hand signs that will indicate the pedestrians or other vehicles in your direction of travel. Go slower in areas that are crowded and filled with traffic so that you avoid potential accidents due to speeding.

Take Personal Precautions

This is where you think about special care while traveling. Some things that you can include in your traveling utilities would be:

A helmet: To protect yourself from any unforeseen accidents

First aid kit: To patch you up for any traveling injuries

Rare facing mirrors: To give you a clear vision of vehicles behind you

Blinking lights: To indicate your positioning even in the dark

Extra batteries: In case your current batteries pose a risk

In conclusion, taking precautions is better than exposing yourself to the risk of any vehicle. E-bikes are a safe travel guide if you have enough experience maneuvering them and adding elements that would make them safe for travel. Now, ready to get on the road and pedal away for the upcoming summer? Get your brand new and sturdy e-bikes from Beachside Bikes. With safety-driven technology and maximum convenience, we bring e-bikes to people of every age so that you experience the best traveling days of your life.

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