Electric bikes are taking the roads by storm. With numerous benefits, people of every age are investing in e-bikes for a great travel experience and a healthy companion. Yet, this raises concern if electric bikes are truly safe to hit the asphalt. As you think of getting a new e-bike, the urge to hit the road would be immense. However, you first need to get acquainted with the e-bike itself. Being faster than conventional bikes, e-bikes dash through the roads at greater speeds and if your attention strays, you might be subjected to major accidents, injuring yourself as well as pedestrians. This is why, it is important to know your electric bike, its safety and controls. For a novel e-bike rider, you should start with unchallenging, deserted roads to practice and regulate appropriate speed. Furthermore, to make your e-bike ride a safer experience, remember to do these crucial things.

Maintain Your e-Bike Equipment

Get to know the elements that make up your e-bike. A typical e-bike has either pedal-activated controllers or throttle-based controllers.

Pedal activated controllers: They are comparatively comfortable for travel. You can receive assistance from these pedals to continue peddling without any assistance, while also regulating it through the controller screen.

Throttled-based controllers: These controllers are akin to conventional bikes. You can control and regulate the speed of these bikes by twist grips available on them, which will help you minimize speeding risks.

Essentially working on an electric motor, one of the many elements that cause safety hazards are e-bike batteries on which these bikes function. Take great precautions in disposing of lithium-ion and lead batteries to avoid any hazard. Moreover, ensure that you are charging your batteries above freezing point during cold weather.

Follow e-Bike Road Safety

Exercise road safety laws like they are your bible. Make sure you are going with the traffic and not in the opposite direction. This will increase the risks of unfortunate accidents. It goes without saying that you should obey the traffic rules like your life depends on it (it does!). Get educated on hand signs that will indicate the pedestrians or other vehicles in your direction of travel. Go slower in areas that are crowded and filled with traffic so that you avoid potential accidents due to speeding.

Take Personal Precautions

This is where you think about special care while traveling. Some things that you can include in your traveling utilities would be:

A helmet: To protect yourself from any unforeseen accidents

First aid kit: To patch you up for any traveling injuries

Rare facing mirrors: To give you a clear vision of vehicles behind you

Blinking lights: To indicate your positioning even in the dark

Extra batteries: In case your current batteries pose a risk

In conclusion, taking precautions is better than exposing yourself to the risk of any vehicle. E-bikes are a safe travel guide if you have enough experience maneuvering them and adding elements that would make them safe for travel. Now, ready to get on the road and pedal away for the upcoming summer? Get your brand new and sturdy e-bikes from Beachside Bikes. With safety-driven technology and maximum convenience, we bring e-bikes to people of every age so that you experience the best traveling days of your life.

Getting ready with your group to go on a fishing adventure? Of course, your e-bike is there to make it memorable. But you definitely cannot forget some accessories that will come in handy on your trip. Here is a list of essential accessories that you will need:

Bike Repair Kit

The journey of your fishing trip is an adventure in itself when an e-bike is concerned. It’s never a dull moment with your e-bike, except when it breaks down or experiences a flat tire in the middle of the road and hampers your jolly mood. But nothing a well-equipped repair kit can’t fix. Carrying a bike repair kit will come in handy as you include an extra tube and a pump to remedy your flat tire instantly. To be on the safer side, you can also include spare cables, wrenches, disposal latex gloves and duct tape. Ensuring that you are packing light and necessary things is also important so you don’t weigh down your bike.

First Aid Kit

A great fishing adventure breaks down all your inhibitions and instills a carefree spirit. However, a few scratches here and there are bound to happen. Even if you are a cautious driver, the uneven terrains or narrow roads might demand a need for a first aid kit. Include the basic necessary things such as bandages, bandaids, snake bite kit, gauzes, Advil and iodine tabs. 

Extra Battery

While setting out for an adventure, you might seldom forget to charge your e-bike the night before. However, if you have to go through the deep woods with a long distance to travel, your battery might exhaust rapidly. This is why keeping an extra battery with you will serve your long journey and you wouldn’t have to worry about your battery dying in the middle of the road. 

Cooler Bag

Summers are the best time to gather your mates and go fishing with them on a lake. Albeit summers can be refreshing, it also brings an unquenchable thirst, and even more so while traveling on your e-bike. All the pedaling throughout the journey and the scorching sun might exhaust you once in a while. Hence, setting out a cooler strapped on your e-bike will help you store fresh, cool water and quell your thrust effectively. 

Fishing Cart

One of the best inclusions that e-bikes offer for their avid fishing enthusiasts is a fishing cart. A fishing cart accommodates everything you need for a fishing adventure. You can keep your fishing rods in the cart, which accommodates them without any harm. You can also throw in your fishing net and other amenities that you require for your trip. Due to their vast size, fishing carts are designed to carry numerous items all at once.

There are numerous accessories to select from when you have an e-bike as your traveling partner. For an amazing fishing experience, get premium accessories from Beachside Bikes. We offer you a wide range of accessories and e-bikes with durable quality that you can take out to the great summers and more fishing days ahead.

Wheel sizes definitely impact your e-bike ride right from acceleration to pothole maneuvering. And to have wheels that fit your e-bike and also bring comfort while riding is of utmost necessity. This is why you need to select a proper wheel size to get your e-bike moving. Check out the different sizes below:

16 Inches and 20 Inches

These sizes of wheels are typically found in electric bikes that are foldable. Due to their light weight, such bikes can be easily transported from one place to another. 

24 Inches

Ideally pertaining to an age gap of 11-14, these 24-inch wheels are recommended for bikers between the height of 4’5″ to 4’9″. Many adults who fall in this height category can ride the e-bike with these wheel sizes easily.  Furthermore, another determining factor would be your inseam or inside leg length. If your inseam length falls between 24 inches to 28 inches, you will be able to ride conveniently. 

26 Inches

Where 24-inch bike wheels would smoothly glide through easy trails, 26inch bike wheels are meant for more rocky and uneven terrains. This wheel size is one of the most commonly used, be it for mountain bikes or road bikes or even beach cruisers. This wheel size will be ideal for you if your height lies between 5’4″ and 5’7″ and inseam is between 25 inches and 30 inches. If you are taller than this range, you can opt for a 27.5 inches or 29 inches size. 

29 Inches

The e-bike with a 29-inch wheel size swiftly cuts through every terrain with its bigger diameter, supreme traction and higher attack angle. Individuals having a height of more than 5’7″ can opt for this wheel size. 

How Does the Wheel Size Affect Your Ride?

Getting a proper wheel size for your e-bike might seem secondary as compared to other e-bike elements, such as its battery or paddles. However, a wheel is one of the most essential elements of your e-bike that will influence the way you handle and ride your bike. For example, a 29-inch wheel will glide over the bumps on the road better while a 24-inch wheel would experience a bit of difficulty in comparison due to its smaller diameter. This also means that the possibility of a 24-inch wheel sinking in a pothole is more than that of a 26-inch wheel.

However, there are downsides to the larger wheels too. With comparatively less mass, a lower size wheel would pick up speed quicker than the large ones, giving it the advantage of acceleration. Moreover, bikes with larger wheels would face difficulty in maneuvering the wheels. This is why a smaller circumference of wheels is recommended in areas with a large population.

Owing to this, it all comes down to the fact that your e-bike can be of great support to your wheels and vice-versa. A seamless partnership between your electric bike and its wheels will take you to the ends of the world. Bringing the best of both to your disposal, Beachside Bikes is all about the quality of the e-bike and a great adventure with it. Not only that, but we take great care in fitting the perfect size of wheels in your e-bike so that it will never hamper your biking expeditions.

Looking for a way to create a fit summer body and not sure where to start? E-biking is undoubtedly one of the best ways to begin your fitness journey. A study observes that e-bikes can significantly increase the activity of people who are physically inactive. E-bikes come up with a range of fitness benefits for beginner and advanced bikers alike, and you can take advantage of such an activity that’s equal parts fitness and fun. Here are a few ways that you can indulge in an amazing e-bike ride that would assist you in gaining a fit body.

Begin with Small Steps

If you are someone who has just come to a decision to jump on an e-bike, it’s best to not just dive headfirst into it. Your body would not keep up with an excessive amount of exercise on your first day back on the road. Instead, train your body for shorter and smoother rides so that you can adapt to traveling longer distances and longer hours with an e-bike. This way, you can keep a track of the distances and gradually increase them over the progressing rides.

Commute to Places

Casual rides on your e-bike would add something different to your monotonous day. You don’t particularly need to plan your bike rides for long distances, choose it for going to a grocery store or even a park. This will promote your fitness immensely while also increasing your frequency of riding an e-bike. Not only casual rides, but you can also commute to and fro from your office every day on your e-bike. You can select the most scenic routes to travel and enjoy a nice sunny day while traveling. Not to forget, riding an e-bike might help you unwind from a day’s worth of stress too.

Take an Uphill Ride

For an experienced e-biker, an uphill ride can fare well immensely. An uphill slope will demand greater strength from your muscles for paddling and steering, which will aid you in strengthening your muscles, joints and bones.

Relax with Recovery Rides

E-bike rides are more than just smashing the pedals of your bike and setting out on long, uneven roads. They’re also about working on the adaptation process of your body, for which you will have to take up recovery rides. After an exhaustive riding session, your body needs time to recover and these active recovery rides would help you lose your sore muscles or strained joints so that you can relax after a grueling ride.

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

E-bikes add a great social element to your everyday life. You can set out with your group on terrains that suit you best, be it smooth roads with occasional pit stops to grab  bite, or dashing rides through rocky, uneven lands. Such an experience will give you a pure blend of fitness and fun!

If you are planning to make e-bikes your everyday partner in fitness and exercise, why not invest in a top-notch e-bike that will not only provide you longevity but also modern technology. Here, at Beachside Bikes, you can select from a wide range of amazing bikes and accessories that are accompanied by innovative add-ons to help you face any challenging journey with confidence.

Fish are an inexhaustible supply and only dwell in a limited number of locations. This implies that if you can visit places with fewer people, you’ll have a greater chance of shacking up. Using an electric bike has the advantage of allowing you to fish more while reducing the time spent going there.

E-bikes can assist anglers in reaching inaccessible streams that are difficult to come by foot or with more oversized off-road vehicles. They can also help anglers cast their hook in unusual areas down in the wilderness where a few fishermen venture. An e-bike is simple to transfer to a spot within a few kilometers of your choice. Rather than carrying all your fishing equipment on foot, you get on your bike and ride to your location pain-free.

Why Should you Go Fishing With an e-Bike?

Electric bikes are less expensive to operate and produce little disturbance, so if you don’t want to bring attention to yourself and would like to fish in a distant location in peace and solitude, e-bikes are the route to go.

Environmental protection is necessary to guarantee that fishing sites and the fish that live them are preserved for future generations. Using an e-bike demonstrates that you are environmentally conscious and encourage practices such as reducing fuel devices in your everyday life.

What to Look for in An e-Bike Before Going Fishing?

While choosing an e-bike for your next fishing endeavor, pay attention to the following factors.

Robust Motor

A competent fishing e-bike would need a powerful engine capable of transporting a cyclist and fishing equipment across difficult ground.


You don’t want to run out of power, miles from your home. Check your battery power and get a stronger one, if needed.


Most fishing e-bikes have plus-size fat tires since they operate at reduced pressure (than standard MTB tires) and provide excellent grip in dirt, mud and ice. Check your tires before you get your e-bike out for your fishing expedition. 

What Are the Benefits of Using e-Bikes for Fishing?

An e-bike provides various benefits when using it to go on a fishing trip, such as:

  • Flexibility to ride in a range of environments 
  • Ease of riding through significant inclines or rough terrains
  • Shorter travel time
  • Added features and accessories like saddlebags and fishing racks to load all of your fishing tackle
  • Greater fishing choices geographically 
  • Opportunity to discover new waterways that were previously impossible by foot or car

If you want to purchase an e-bike to be your companion on fishing trips, you can check our collection of e-bikes at Beachside Bikes. We also have accessories that you can attach to your e-bikes and make your fishing journey easier.

Riding a bike can be a good form of exercise and an environmentally-friendly option. However, most people do not prefer riding bikes due to the strenuous task of pedaling. Pedaling through long routes or inclined terrains can make your legs sore and dampen your bike riding experience. However, the pedal assist feature of e-bikes aims to make your rides smoother, comfortable and enjoyable.

What is Pedal Assist?

Pedal assist is a feature found in e-bikes that simplifies the pedaling task. When activated, a motor fitted on the bike provides power. This reduces the effort required to push the bike forward. You can choose the necessary level of assistance – low, medium and high. The motor will provide a specific power output level depending on your choice.

What are the Benefits of Pedal Assist?

Pedal assist provides a large number of benefits to the riders. It primarily helps you ride the bike easily across rugged terrains, such as inclined, mountainous roadways. Pedaling through such roads can become challenging, even for experienced bike riders.

Similarly, pedal assist also proves beneficial to keep your legs from getting sore. If you are riding a bike for long distances daily, it is natural that your legs will get tired from the continuous pedaling. A pedal assist feature helps reduce the effort required to push the bike forward in this situation.

Lastly, pedal assist can also prove helpful to individuals with physical limitations. Some modes require little to no pedaling, basically turning your e-bike into a scooter. Thus, individuals with limitations can use pedal assist to travel on an e-bike without any worries.

What are the Types of Pedal Assist Systems (PAS)?

There are two main types of pedal assist systems available on e-bikes. They are:

Torque-sensing Pedal Assist System

This system uses sensors that measure how hard the rider is pressing on the pedals. The information is then conveyed to the system and the motor provides power accordingly.

For example, if the rider is pressing too hard, he is having difficulties pedaling. Thus, the motor will provide high power assistance to the rider.

Cadence-sensing Pedal Assist System

This system uses a magnet that measures the pedal crank speed. It provides the rider with manual control to turn the assistance up or down. It is a basic and inexpensive way to have pedal assistance in your e-bike. 

Pedal assist is an essential feature on e-bikes that helps you pedal easier and enables you to move faster. You can use it whenever you find pedaling difficult, such as on inclined, irregular terrains or long routes. With pedal assist, you can easily beat the traffic and reach your destination fresh and with higher energy levels. If you are looking for more information on pedal assist, e-bikes or want to buy an e-bike, reach out to Beachside Bikes. We have e-bikes across different categories and provide a wide range of bike accessories. Happy riding!

Riding is genuinely refreshing and adventurous. While you may ride for pleasure, did you know that riding makes you a responsible person too? Riding ensures environmental safety and keeps you physically and mentally fit. However, carrying luggage on a ride can be challenging, for there isn’t much space to accommodate all of your belongings. Also, you can’t fit everything into your pockets as they can get heavy and bother you during the ride., Likewise, your backpack can feel heavy and uncomfortable, affecting your riding experience. Below are some of the best ways to carry more on your electric bike:

1) Attach a Front or Rear Bike Rack

A rack is one of the most inexpensive bike accessories you can buy, and it is convenient for those who carry minimum items on a ride. So, if you are simply exploring places, you can keep your bottle and phone in the front bike rack. If you have more things to carry, you can put them in your backpack and put the backpack in the rear rack. This way, you won’t have to carry the backpack’s load and can carry everything you need on a ride. And when you don’t have to carry anything, a rear rack can double up as a seat.

2) Use a Detachable Bike Basket

A detachable bike basket that mounts on the handlebars is the best accessory that helps you carry more. These baskets come in various sizes and you can place them on racks as well. If you are going grocery shopping, you can put the bag in the basket or put your briefcase in it while going to work. These bike baskets are weather-resistant, so if you keep them outside the house, the steel-constructed basket won’t rust. Plus, you don’t need any tools to fit them; they can be easily put on and off, making them convenient to use.

3) Get Bicycle Panniers

If you are going on a two-night camping trip or have to carry a laptop daily to the office, then clipping panniers on your rear rack is the ultimate option for you. Panniers have outstanding storage capacity and are designed in such a way that they won’t bother you while riding. Plus, for items like laptops, you can go for a stiff-edged pannier that comes with adjustable hooks that can fit on any bike.

4) Attach a Top Tube Bike Phone Mount

Sometimes, you only need to carry the essentials, such as a small bag that mounts on your top tube. Here, you can keep your keys, phone, glasses or wallet. These bags are waterproof and have a sun visor on the top that allows you to see the phone clearly during sunny days. Moreover, these small bags have some of the finest features and amazing compatibility.

These e-bike accessories will allow you to carry everything you want on your trip and make your ride comfortable and effortless. The accessories come in various sizes and designs, so you can choose what suits you best. For top-quality electric bike accessories, contact Beachside Bikes. From jazzy-looking to simple options, we have all kinds of accessories that will fulfill your needs.

Electric bikes have immense reliability when it comes to paving a way through uncharted, uneven terrains while giving you an absolute stylish appearance along with greater durability. However, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t catch your e-bike on a bad day once in a while. Your bike can undergo wear and tear and you might need to repair it. A self-help e-bike repair toolkit would help you patch up your e-bike if it shows any signs of malfunctioning while on the road. But what tools are essential in your kit? Here is a guide you can trust.

Tire Repair Tools

Traveling with your e-bike is a surreal experience and while at it, like every other tire, your e-bike tire might suffer from damage or untimely rapture, resulting in a flat tire. Be prepared for such instances and include tire repair tools in your kit. 

  • Carry a spare tube with you to replace the damaged tire.
  • A patch kit will come in handy if your rocky terrain subjects you to more than one flat tire.
  • Utilize tire levers to remove the tires for patching purposes.
  • Include a miniature tire pump in your kit if you are adamant about a long journey on your bike.

Spare Cables

Electric bikes, needless to say, run on electric cables and their seamless functioning is of utmost importance. Hence, it is crucial that you carry a few extra cables as back-up for any cable failure during your journey. Prior to your journey, make sure you check your e-bike wires are well-equipped and not sporting any problems. If any problem sprouts, use electric tapes to patch up the wires.


Wrenches are vital in repairing the numerous bolts in your e-bike. Get a set of wrenches that come in different sizes to fit the bolts. An adjustable wrench will be your go-to option that fares well with the sizes and weight, but with adjustable wrenches, you should also be careful that you don’t round over the nuts. Allen wrenches would be a convenient choice as their use is the most commonly witnessed in bike construction.

Disposable Latex Gloves

While repairing your e-bike, disposable latex gloves can spare your hands of any grease, dirt or grime enveloping it, while also supporting your hands from any cold temperatures through mountainous areas.

Duct Tape

Duct tape should definitely be an addition to your bike repair kit. Any tire damages can be proactively patched up with minimal duct tape so that you can delay the tire repair until you reach home.

Journeys on your e-bike are one of the best travel adventures you will encounter. A quality e-bike might not be immune to any damages, but its sturdy mechanism and technology aspect makes it a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. This is why people are speedily inclining more towards e-bike travels. Explore the e-bike world with Beachside Bikes, where you are granted supreme quality and innovative additions that will mark the beginning of your ‘on the road’ life.

The electric bike or e-bike is a great way to travel and a fun accessory for campers who can ride them to the camping site. Navigating nearby towns and attending local events is easier with an e-bike. In addition to providing exercise, these bikes are a great way to get around the campground. So the next time you ride your e-bike for a camping trip, follow these basic tips for the ultimate maintenance and utility of your bike:

Ensure You Have a Plan

If you have only ever camped from a car, there are many considerations that you need to make ahead of time. The first thing you need to decide is how you will reach the campsite. Is there a high-speed road that cyclists have to deal with or a low-speed one that cyclists can use? Would you be more comfortable riding on wide shoulders that are safe and comfortable to ride on? Does the area have biking trails? Research is a valuable tool in situations such as this and it can go a long way toward providing the proper solution.

Make Smart Decisions When Packing

The second thing to do is pack all the gear that you will need. It is best to pack light if you are going for one night – bring a sleeping bag, a small tent, a stove, some bicycle repair tools, a toiletry kit, and maybe a good book or your speakers for some entertainment. Keep in mind that many factors can influence how long your battery will last, including the weight of your cargo.

Ensure the Camping Site Is Appropriate for Your Vehicle

There is no doubt that camping is one of the most popular summer activities. It is possible to find that nearly all of the camping sites that can be reserved have already been reserved. The good news is that many states have designated first-come-first-serve “hiker/biker” places, especially for those arriving by foot or bicycle.

Camping with electric bikes requires taking into account not only the convenience factors but also some technical factors, like the ones mentioned below.


Your e-bike can be quite heavy. As it turns out, motors and batteries weigh a good deal and the overall structure of the bike sometimes has to be beefed up to handle the added weight. When it comes to transporting e-bikes from one campsite to the next, they can be cumbersome to move owing to their added weight. Hence, it is essential to choose a bike that can climb hills and cruise through tough terrains with ease. If the bikes have to be moved in another vehicle till you reach the campsite, ensure the vehicle can handle the weight of your bike without causing any damage.


If you are going camping with an e-bike, you will need a different type of tire depending upon the type of terrain you will be riding on. To travel on soft terrains, such as sand and snow, a vehicle must have fat tires. Mountain bike tires, on the other hand, have a larger diameter than road bicycle tires; however, they still don’t have the same size as fat bike tires. Road tires are designed to be used on flat, hard surfaces and are narrower than other types of tires. They are not suitable for riding on other surfaces.

Motor Power

An e-bike with more power will accelerate more quickly and go faster. Another factor that affects acceleration and power is the overall bike weight. Batteries drain faster with higher watt motors as well.

Position of the Motor

There is a direct correlation between the location of an e-bike’s motor and its stability. It is not uncommon to find the motor of an electric bicycle in the hub of the wheel in front of or behind the rider. On the other hand, some motor can be found located in the middle of the bike. Choose the camping e-bike that suits you best.

It can be quite difficult to choose an e-bike for camping, but Beachside Bikes makes it easier to pick the best one for you. Take a look at our outstanding range of bikes and get prepared for your next camping trip under the stars.

We are conquering technology at an exponential pace and its acceleration is barely witnessing stagnation. While technology and leisure are mentioned concurrently in more cases than not, e-bikes are one of the precise answers. E-bikes have evidently reflected an upward trend since the past few decades and their popularity is only prospering more.

According to reports, the electric bicycle market in 2019 was estimated at 19.69 billion CAD and is expected to achieve a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7.49% between 2020-2025. Moreover, the popularity of e-bikes has exploded so much that in 2023, e-bike sales are estimated to reach 40 million units worldwide, generating about 25.53 billion CAD in revenue. From thrilling mountain tracks to mundane traveling, e-bikes come in a range of designs and mechanics, but what intricacies lie behind such a technology that has brought a revolution? Let’s get into it.


Batteries make the foundation of e-bikes. Lithium-ion batteries are found in most modern technologies, including electric vehicles, mobiles phones and other aerospace applications. The previously used heavy lead batteries saw a gradual decline in popularity, with engineers and scientists seeking new materials that can store more energy along with being cost-effective. E-bikes have been using lithium-ion batteries for greater energy efficiency, tending to reach a distance of almost 160 kilometers. You’d think that with increased efficiency comes increased costs, but according to the cost per unit, energy has fallen up to an incredible 97%.

Electric motors

Similar to batteries, electric motors make an essential part of the technology behind e-bikes. E-bikes come equipped with brushless DC motors that can alternate the current flowing through the motor without any brushes, unlike the motors used in older vehicles. The motors saw less efficiency and the brushes made the motors burn out quickly. Brushless bikes require significantly low maintenance and are made from sturdy earth materials to increase durability.

Torque sensors

Pedelec or pedal-assisted bikes are the most popular ones around the world right now. These bikes are equipped with cadence or speed sensors that monitor the rider’s pedaling cadence or torque to detect the amount of torque they put into the pedal. Torque sensors determine the amount of electric power required to push the bike forward. The harder you drive the pedal, the more power it gives your bike.

Digital interface 

Digital interface, albeit not fundamental, plays a prominent role in a smooth bike ride. It makes sure your e-bike interconnects seamlessly with the technology by overseeing the bike performance, range versus speed, percentage of boost and much more.

With growing times, people are switching to e-bikes for a variety of activities. To own an e-bike is not only for pleasure and wandering but also for traveling in an energy-efficient manner while you contribute to the environment as well as your own fitness. Find such vogue bikes at Beachside Bikes that are technology-driven with modern materials and a bit of finesse to accompany you anywhere. Get yours today!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us appreciate an array of outdoor activities, including cycling, as it can improve physical and mental well-being as well as develop immunity. There is a common misconception that e-bikes do not provide the same health benefits as a regular bicycle, but that’s simply a wrong and outrageous assumption. Listed below are numerous health benefits of riding an e-bike:

Promotes Moderate-Intensity Exercise

E-bikes work in a similar fashion as a regular bicycle, i.e., you start and eventually stop pedaling. However, the only difference is that the motor installed in e-bikes contributes assistance to the effort put in by you. 

study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity concluded that e-biking is a great way of getting moderate-intensity activity. It also mentioned that riding an e-bike can improve the cardiorespiratory fitness of those who were previously inactive.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

E-biking on a regular basis makes the body adapt to moderate-intensity activity by absorbing oxygen in a more efficient manner and dispelling carbon dioxide from the body. This is done by creating new capillaries that can swap oxygen and carbon dioxide at the lungs and muscles, as well as create more RBCs to move the gases efficiently.

Boosts Metabolism

It is a common misconception that one needs to partake in hardcore exercises to burn calories. This is not true because non-strenuous physical activities like e-biking also promote the burning of calories. Therefore, riding an e-bike is recommended for losing weight. 

In addition, riding an e-bike also boosts metabolism, but it is important to develop and maintain a habit of riding regularly. Otherwise, your metabolism could return to normal (the one you possessed before inculcating the habit). Thus, ensure you ride your e-bike more often.

Reduces Stress and Improves Mental Well-Being

As mentioned above, riding an e-bike is equivalent to a moderate-intensity workout and a workout induces a healthy release of endorphins, as proved by multiple scientific studies. These endorphins help in managing stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Therefore, riding an e-bike not only helps in the development of healthy psychological well-being but also provides opportunities to explore exciting new places.

Strengthens Muscles

It is well known that riding a bike will improve your overall strength. If you develop a habit of riding an e-bike regularly, you will eventually notice firmer calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes. In addition to this, riding a bike gives you the practice to balance yourself, which further ensures that your core gets a good workout too.

At Beachside Bikes, we believe in providing incessant and earnest support to our customers. Like you, we too possess a similar explorative and adventurous spirit. Thus, our bikes are manufactured to last long as they have been made using high-quality materials. Reach out to us and let your adventurous spirit guide you to new places.

Your e-bike deserves the best. Therefore, you’d want to get the finest modifications that your bike requires to take you on a memorable journey. But what to include and not to include is the question that comes to mind. When it comes to your e-bike, a necessary list of essential items becomes imperative. To make it easier, here’s a checklist for several upgrades you could consider adding to your e-bike:

New Batteries

If you are just starting out into the niche of e-bikes, there’s a high chance you might have purchased lead-acid batteries. But industry standards entail the installation of lithium batteries, which are durable, lighter and complement your e-bike immensely. It might be difficult for integrated batteries to be replaced by new ones, while the removable batteries are easier to swap. It is also recommended to carry an extra battery while setting up a larger trail.

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is one of the smartest additions you could include in your e-bike. Buying an e-bike might have cost you your savings; hence, you cannot afford to lose it. Installing a GPS tracker helps you pinpoint the exact location of your e-bike and prevent it from any potential theft. This technology makes it relatively simpler to indicate any mobile activity with your bike so that you can act instantly and retain your peace of mind.

Upgraded Light Set-up

Dark trails can lead to unfortunate incidents due to a limited or no amount of light. Additionally, bikers are prone to accidents due to the lack of light and a narrow silhouette of their figure. Hence, you should necessitate an upgrade of the light set-up on your e-bikes to steer clear of such incidents. You can include reflective pedals and an intense headlight that makes your e-bike easier to spot.

New Tires

Setting out for a long ride through your favorite places is a wonderful notion, but the worn-out condition of your tires hampers your mood. Every tire contains an absorption impact, but your e-bike needs transformation that can go beyond absorption. Usually, bikes designed for a city have narrow tires and the ones with a mountain design are equipped with wider tires. Therefore, for a unique experience, you can swap your tires for wider ones and enjoy a smooth ride from the cities to the mountains.

Comfort Additions

Often, you might not experience the best of rides as you incessantly try to adjust your position. This might be because your saddle isn’t working out for you. Choose a saddle that pans out with respect to your body and is made of premium quality leather to make your ride comfortable. Similarly, aluminum paddles can maneuver your bike with correct traction and provide better chances of road survival.

An upgrade can enhance your e-bike performance extensively and make your ride comfortable with its modern technology and well-planned structure. Beachside Bikes is known for its revolutionary technologies and equipment that give your e-bike a top-notch transformation and extraordinary performance upgrade like no other. Get our technology and comfort-driven e-bike and set out to conquer uncharted lands.

Come rain or sunshine, bike owners are eager for a ride. But many bikers worry about riding an electric bike in the rain. After all, electric bikes contain motors, batteries, displays and connection points, which are likely to get damaged in the rain.

However, these components are placed within enclosures that are designed to withstand rain and the usual splashes of water you would encounter when riding. If you are still worried about getting your e-bike out when it’s raining, here are a few things you can do.

E-Bike Safety Tips When Riding in the Rain

Get Bike Lights

This is important when you’re riding near parked cars or other pedestrians. When it rains, visibility can quickly be obscured, so even a small light can help you stand out.

Don’t Rush into Corners When It Is Raining

Your e-bike’s tires will not hook up in the rain as well as they do on wet roads. E-biking in the rain requires early braking and slower turns.

Maintain Your Bike After It Gets Wet

Be sure to wipe the electrical components and battery with special care to dry them. The battery should be removed and the terminals and compartment should be dried. Ensure that you dry and re-lube the chain, as water can strip lubricants from your drive train and cause problems with shifting.

Major Concerns About Riding E-Bikes in the Rain

Avoid High Water Levels

Most electric bikes are water-resistant, not waterproof, so it makes sense to avoid heavily flooded roads, streams and deep puddles that could submerge the bike’s electrical components. E-bikes can be damaged if they are exposed to large quantities of water or their performance is affected by such exposure.

Check the IP Rating

Many brands give general guidelines on whether it’s safe to ride their e-bikes in the rain, but some go the extra mile and give their componentry a water resistance rating. An IP rating tells consumers how well protected their electrical equipment is against solid and liquid intrusion.

To determine your electric bike’s IP rating, you can refer to your owner’s manual or contact your manufacturer. Different electric bikes may have different limitations and wade depths. In areas that experience frequent rain, you should put water resistance at the top of your shopping list.

Rain should not stop you from enjoying your electric bike. Prepare for the wet weather by finding out how much moisture your bike can handle. Otherwise, you can opt for the pedal regardless of the weather. As a mode of transportation, e-bikes are fast becoming one of the most popular and widely used modes of personal transport in the world. So if you’re considering purchasing an e-bike, reach out to Beachside Bikes and we will find the best one for you. If you have any questions about e-bikes, our staff has years of experience answering them. We can also make your buying process as smooth as possible.

Unlike traditional bikes, e-bikes or electric bikes are simply electric-assisted, offering bikers an edge during uphill or treacherous terrains where you will have to make strenuous efforts to ride. The e-bike technology is constantly improving and that’s where you get electric-assisted rear and all-wheel drives as well as speeds of up to 45 km/h on rechargeable batteries. Here are some of the reasons why you should get an e-bike:

Provides Electric-Assistance

Ever been cycling on a long route with a slight incline? It gets tiring, doesn’t it? Well, that’s where e-bikes come into play. E-bikes use electric-assist technology that comes with batteries to provide the pedals a boost. This is something that would give you an edge when going uphill or need to pedal a lot, such as on an off-road track. With an e-bike, you can integrate boost to the pedal to conquer such situations. You wouldn’t feel as tired after a long ride on an e-bike.

Saves Time

Time is of great value. Reach a few minutes late and you could miss out on a lot. A bicycle would take you from point A to B, but it all depends on how much effort you put in. However, e-bikes are in a different league, as with electric pedal assistance, you can cover larger distances in a shorter time frame.

Cuts Traveling Expenses

An Uber is comfortable but costs money, while carpooling could bring that cost down by half or more. Even so, your traveling expenses can reduce further, especially you have an e-bike. Electricity is far cheaper than petrol, so you are saving a ton on charging those batteries too. Plus, commuting on an e-bike cuts your expenses on traveling via private vehicle or public transportation. Depending upon where you live in Canada, the cost of traveling may be exponential and having an e-bike can help cut those traveling expenses.

Pushes You to Be Fit

If you don’t exercise regularly or follow a healthy diet, it can be quite difficult to stay fit. E-bikes can come to your rescue here too. These bikes don’t just help you save your bank balance but also stay fit. Even with a pedal-assisted e-bike, you won’t be putting it on auto-pilot mode forever, so count that as a bit of exercise compared to not doing any at all. Eventually, this will boost your mental and physical health.

At Beachside Bikes, we have a variety of high-performance e-bikes made for the various treacherous terrains in Canada. Offering rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive variants and more, we have e-Bikes for every occasion and outing trip, be it off-road cycling, hunting or just commuting from home to work. With certified e-bikes that will last for years of adventurous trips, we ensure that you get the best deal with all your requirements check-marked and fulfilled as per your satisfaction.

As the urge to leave everything behind for the umpteenth time intensifies, you might as well do it for real. Canadian trails are the wonders that you could feast your eyes upon and to think that you can actually go bike riding in these places is an unparalleled escape. But where to begin? To make it simpler, here is a list of scenic places that you can explore with a bike ride. 

The Golden Triangle

Your adventurous self would cheer as you ride in this biking trail. The Golden Triangle amasses the glorious terrains of Banff, Kootenay and Yoho National Park, spanning over 330 kilometers of Western Canada, bordering British Columbia and Alberta. A seasoned cyclist can set their trails up this pathway, which reaches an elevated peak of 1,640 kilometers. If stamina is not one of your strengths, you might want to think twice before setting out on this trail. 

The Cabot Trail

Being cooped up in your home will seldom tame your growing distress about life. Take your bike up the gorgeous highlands of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia and bask in the shimmering ocean waters. This trail is packed with one great experience as it covers a 300-kilometer stretch and your ride can offer you nearly a week of adventure. 

The Blueberry Route

The Blueberry Route or more commonly known, La Véloroute des Bleuets, is a sublime 256-kilometer loop that nearly takes up to three days to see it through. It follows through the region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, two hours north of Quebec City. This is an ideal journey for beginners or those who enjoy a serene ride with divine beaches in sight, without any hills or rocky terrains. The best part? There are stationed volunteers and companies along the way that can assist in transporting your gear for you. 

Elfin Lakes Trail

To be in nature is to be in paradise and Elfin Lakes is a place your wandering biker self should never miss. Relish in the panoramic view of the clear lake and mountains from an elevation of 1,600 kilometers in the Garabaldi Provincial Park. Throughout the ride, you can take halts and rent out cabins, while expert bikers can charge all the way through. 

The Confederation Trail

If you are in the mood for some meadows and pastoral pathways, the Confederation Trail can engage you in its beauty. This trail was built on the abandoned Prince Edward Island railway track and is now a friendly getaway from Tignish to Elmira, with views of suave villages and hills. 

Be it any kind of trail, your bike should endure it all. Hence, sturdy e-bikes with high-tech installations will make any trail a smooth and enjoyable one. Our tech-driven Beachside Bikes are your companions in all the highs and lows that make your adventure a memorable one. Order your Rambo e-bike today and set out for those marvelous trails!

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to understand why. After all, e-bikes promise extra speed, make a ride more enjoyable, promote a healthy lifestyle, and save the environment from fossil fuel emissions. Still need persuasion? Here are a few more compelling reasons to jump on the e-bike bandwagon:

1) They Are Fast and Take You Further

Electric bicycles provide many of the same benefits as traditional riding, but you’ll be ready to travel larger distances and ride over extended periods due to the sheer extra power on board. E-bikes also let you move quicker than traditional bikes and can work their way around different terrains. 

2) They Encourage You to Ride More

Due to their ease of use, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular in the world and even among Canadians. Compared to traditional cyclists, e-bike owners are more likely to get their bikes out and use them on a day-to-day basis. 

3) They Get You Moving

You’ll find yourself peddling your way into a healthier lifestyle with an e-bike. The exercise will prove beneficial to your heart, lungs and blood pressure and even boost your mental health. And if you’re too tired to peddle your way back, the electric motor will come to your rescue! This makes e-bikes ideal for people who want to ride a bike but are unable to do so due to issues related to health, age or fitness. 

4) They Save You Money

A good-quality e-bike can be yours for as low as $500 at Beachside Bikes. We provide our customers with affordable, well-made and dependable fat-tire RAMBO electric bikes and accessories for all types of outdoor activities. Even the maintenance of these vehicles is minimal compared to other vehicles.

To put it another way, an electric bike is a lot less expensive than buying, insuring and maintaining a gasoline or diesel automobile. Even when it comes to the expense of charging your bike’s battery, you’re spending cents compared to dollars and saving money on vehicle maintenance in the long run.

5) They Are an Ideal Mode of Transportation

E-bikes will not only save you money, but they will also rescue you from the anguish of getting stuck in traffic or traveling in crowded trains and buses. Here, you have your own mode of transportation that is fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Riding an e-bike is much like driving a motor vehicle, except you are permitted to utilize the cycling lanes without a license. And since you can push on that motor a little, you won’t break a sweat and wind up sweaty when you get to work. Even after a long day’s work, the lengthy drive home won’t seem so frightening. So reach out to Beachside Bikes and get your e-bike today!

There’s no doubt that electric bikes are faster than conventional bikes. In fact, they get you up to speed a lot quicker than pedaling. But if you want to make your e-bike go even faster, choosing a Rambo electric bike is your best bet. Its specialized tires, top-of-the-line brakes and cutting-edge battery make it the ultimate choice for speed. Rambo electric bikes are one of the best e-bikes in Canada, imparting speed, adventure and an exhilarating riding experience. We have a host of tips to make your bike faster:

1) Ensure It Is Fully Charged

A battery with a higher charge has a higher voltage, automatically making your bike faster. So ensure that you keep your Rambo electric bike charged. Plug the bike in after every ride instead of just charging it when the battery gets low. This way, your bike will always be ready for a long ride, suiting your speed requirements.

2) Install Higher Voltage Battery

A higher voltage battery will naturally make your bike faster. So invest in one for your Rambo electric bike. But first, make sure that your e-bike controller can handle the higher voltage. Otherwise, it will damage your controller, which will affect your bike’s functioning and performance. Reach out to our e-bike dealer for more assistance.

3) Go for Smooth Tires

The smooth tires of a Rambo electric bike not only make your bike faster but ensure a comfortable ride on the bumpiest roads. Its specialized tires have better traction, provide maximum contact patch, ride smoothly and enhance the durability of your e-bike. When you have such tires, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the roads, be it rough, bumpy, uneven or flat. You can take your bike through the mountains or forests at a speed no one can match.

4) Tune Your Brakes

Poorly tuned brakes can directly affect the speed of your bike. This is because the friction from the brake rub keeps you from speeding. Therefore, ensure that you tune your brakes so you can ride your Rambo electric bike at its full speed next time.

5) Pump Up Your Tires

When you pump up your Rambo electric bike, its tire pressure is elevated. This reduces the rolling resistance and makes your bike faster. Note that with higher tire pressure, a downhill ride can be challenging.

Be it a race or just a regular ride, Rambo electric bikes give you a thrilling experience. Its performance matches the standards of your riding style. You can explore every part of Canada at wind speed with a Rambo electric bike. For excellent e-bikes in Canada, contact Beachside Bikes – we offer high-end electric bikes that allow you to explore the world at your speed.

Before you embark on an adventure on your e-bike, there are some e-bike accessories you must have on you that are essential for any ride. When you think of e-bike accessories, the first things that come to mind are helmets and first-aid kits. But there are some accessories you may forget, which may help you during any mishaps and make your adventurous trip smoother and more enjoyable. You should be prepared for any situation that can generally occur. So if you’re looking for a list of some important accessories for your Rambo electric bike, here are the must-have accessories for e-bikes in Canada: 

1) Bike Rack

A solid bike rack is an essential choice of accessory that you must have on your rides. You should choose a bike rack that will easily attach to your Rambo electric bike without distributing or adding a lot of weight so that it does not bother you on rugged terrains. This helps you to avoid carrying additional gear on your back.

2) Bike Bags

In addition to racks, bags are a smart accessory to complete your e-bike setup. They can hang on either side of your e-bike without disturbing your balance. These bags are waterproof and made of strong materials to avoid any damage by heat or other natural elements. They are made with marine-grade material for endurance and long-lasting life. These bags are perfect for the extra gear required for camping or hunting. They have comfortable handles, making them easy to hold even off the bike.

3) Bike Repair Kit

The bike repair kit should always be with you to handle any untimely or accidental damage or issue. The accessories you must have in a bike repair kit are:

  • Hex wrench
  • Chain brake
  • Inner tube patch kit
  • Electrical tape
  • Spoke wrench
  • Tire levers
  • CO2 air cartridge
  • Valve stem removal tool

This kit is one of the most important e-bike accessories you could carry on your ride. Everyone with a bike knows that a flat tire or any other problem may occur at any time and this kit keeps you prepared for any circumstance that may occur.

4) Bike Lights

This happens to almost every enthusiastic rider. When you take some extra miles for adventure and fun and it takes just a little longer than expected, you suddenly find yourself in the later hours of dusk, struggling to find your way back in the dark. This is where bike lights pitch in. As you don’t know when you might hang out just a little late, it is essential to carry it on every ride to show you the path in the dark. These bike lights provide visibility, stealth, and access.

This is a list of essential e-bike accessories every rider must have. For the best e-bikes in Canada and bike accessories, check out Beachside Bikes. We provide the rider and the e-bike with comfort, security, hauling, storage, maintenance, safety, and style.

E-bikes in Canada are booming at a rapid pace. People want to buy an e-bike as they are the perfect solution to an economical and sustainable commute. They can also help you with any health issues by making you more interested in the sport of cycling and encouraging cardio workouts. Apart from exercise, e-bikes can also be just bought for fun and enjoyment – to bike with your kids, parents, partners, or for just some alone time. The demand for e-bikes in Canada is set to increase drastically in the coming decade and with good reason. Rambo electric bikes offer the same features as traditional bicycles while adding cost efficiency, health benefits, and better commute to the equation. If you’re looking to buy an e-bike, here are some things you should know before making the purchase.

1) Function

Electric bikes are designed specifically for different purposes and different needs of the rider. Before buying an e-bike, consider what is relevant to you – how frequently do you need to ride? What terrain do you need to ride in? Do you need an e-bike with a folding function? Evaluate your needs, priorities and desired features, and make sure to buy an e-bike that has all the functions that you might need.

2) Class Designation and Access

E-bikes may look all the same, but they are very different with various distinct characteristics in different models. You should consider the throttle, pedal assistance, and top speed before purchasing them. You can consider buying any of the three classes according to your specific needs – Class 1 with a pedal-assist but no throttle, Class 2 with an assisted throttle along with the pedal, and Class 3 with no throttle but a Pedelec system.

3) Type of Motor

While buying an e-bike, there are two motors you need to choose from – hub motors versus mid-drive motors. Even though both offer less rider effort, hub motors offer more silent functioning while mid-drive motors handle hills better. You need to evaluate the terrain you want to bike in before making this decision.

4) Battery and Range

Every Rambo electric bike is powered by Lithium-ion batteries. E-bike batteries are now cleverly hidden to be virtually imperceptible to make the e-bikes look like regular bikes in some models. These batteries can be easily charged, have a longer life, high power range, and are lighter and smaller. Apart from offering a long shelf life, they are also covered under warranty. You only want to go for Lithium-ion batteries by reputed brands in your e-bikes for maximum charge cycles and less charging time. You also want to check on the range the battery can provide after every charge and ponder upon it according to your individual needs.

If you want to buy an e-bike, Beachside Bikes have some of the best e-bikes in Canada, designed for your comfort and needs. Whether you need to buy an e-bike for camping, fishing, hunting or city commuting, we have got you covered with our range of e-bikes and accessories.

The post-pandemic world has seen a sharp rise in the demand for e-bikes in many countries. The demand for e-bikes in Canada has also gone up significantly due to their sustainability, convenience, and safety. E-bikes help in shrinking mountains and shortening distances for riders. These two-wheeled wonders make every level of cyclists enthusiastic about reaching their goals. But before investing in an e-bike, you must know some important things about these darling Rambo electric bikes, which have made urban mobility easier and better than ever.

1) Smart Charging Feature

Most e-bikes now come with the feature of smart charging. This technology makes the charger and battery work in sync to offer super-efficient charging. This smart charger also has the feature to go into storage mode to use the stored charge at a later time or date. Smart charging may take a longer duration to charge your e-bike but it extends battery life and makes sure it lasts as long as it possibly can.

2) Powerful Battery

The e-bikes in Canada offer the best battery technology and battery life. These batteries are specifically developed for Rambo electronic bikes, which makes them reliable in the market. They offer the capacity to go thousands of kilometers and can be charged almost 1000 times. The batteries also come with a warranty.

3) Walk-assist Feature

Every Rambo electric bike has a walk-assist feature, which is incredibly useful when the rider has to dismount and push the bike. In the walk-assist mode, the bike provides some support power to help manoeuvre the bike through obstacles, inclines, or trails. This support negates the load and weight of the e-bike and makes it easy to handle the e-bike with less effort.

4) The Q-factor

The “Quack factor”, also known as the Q-factor, generally refers to the waddling and wide stances of ducks but in cycling terminology, it indicated the BB axle width. E-bikes in Canada have this feature to increase the efficiency and comfort of Rambo electric bikes. E-bikes should have a low Q-factor and Rambo electric bikes only have a marginally wider Q-factor than analog bikes. This makes the transition between e-bikes and analog bikes much easier.

5) Wireless Compatibility Feature

Rambo electric bikes can also connect with multiple wireless computers. This helps in retrieving relevant information related to your bike and ride such as average speed, rider heart rate, distance covered, cadence, remaining range, battery level, assistance level, etc. Wireless compatibility in e-bikes helps the rider stay informed about the performance of the e-bike, even while riding.

Beachside Bikes gives you the best deals on Rambo electric bikes, which are enriched with the above features and attached warranty claims. Get your e-bike today!

6 Ways to Maintain Your Rambo E-Bikes

E-bikes are great for exercise, leisure, and simply having fun. They have grown in popularity due to being able to help people commute around town or their cities, allowing them to easily get away from the city without having to rely on public transportation. Riding your e-bike can be a lot of fun, but only if it’s the right one for you. The Rambo Electric Bike is currently the best and most fun electric bike available.

However, riding an e-bike can also be a considerable amount of work. You must not only pedal but also keep watch of everything else to keep it in good working order. Your e-bike is a complex machine that takes time and effort to maintain. Therefore, it’s important to get to know your bike well before taking it out for a ride. Before you buy an e-bike, take a look at this list of the best e-bikes. Following the instructions that came with your bike, you should take it in for regular tune-ups at your local shop.

If you are thinking about buying an e-bike, or have recently purchased one, we’re sure you are looking to learn how to maintain it for the best performance possible. And if you are looking for help with this, this piece is here to lend you a hand!

Here Are the Best Ways to Maintain Your E-Bikes

1) Get the Specifics: Read up on the e-bike maintenance specifics of an electric bike.

2) Service the bike regularly: Follow the recommended timing of e-bike maintenance. Modern bicycles require much less service than the old clunkers we rode in the ’70s and ’80s. However, routine servicing can extend the life of your expensive e-bike and even avoid future repairs. Giving your e-bike to the shop is also a good idea because an expert will be able to correct any problems and set you up with reliable accessories for longer trips.

3) Clean and grease the chain regularly: Clean and grease all the gears regularly. Adjust your gear before each ride. Clean the chain often, dirt can damage the motor or gearbox. now how to use a torque wrench and know how to use a chain breaker.  Test ride your bike after a makeover.

4) Oiling is a must: Once you check the tire pressure, make sure all bolts are tight. Also, tune up our drive chains to ensure that they work smoothly, and oil your chainrings and derailleurs to keep them quiet.

5) Check your tires: Have tires with good puncture resistance and high PSI. Bike tires are vital to ride your e-bike efficiently. Make sure to check if it can withstand hard ride and ground conditions. Also, check your tire pressure regularly.

6) Charge the e-bike: Charge it after every use as a low battery can trigger safety hazards. Make sure you use the right charger and keep in mind that the reverse charge mode hurts the battery

Here at Beachside Bikes, we are passionate about electric bikes. We love riding them and we love selling them. We’ve put together this guide to help with the maintenance of your e-bikes. Come down to our retail store or shop online for the latest e-bikes.

The future is electric? Not anymore. EV technology has become the present thing now, and it’s not only limited to luxury electric cars or motorcycles. EV technology has entered the bicycle scene, too, transforming how you travel around your town.

E-bikes are quickly gaining popularity as the preferred mode of transportation for short distances. So, if you are someone who travels short distances often in your car or on your bicycle, it’s time to switch to e-bikes, and here are a few reasons why.

1) Assisted Biking

Biking can be a fun and cheap way of getting around but not everyone likes pedaling everywhere, right? That’s where e-bikes come in. E-bikes come with pedal assist, which is an electric motor integrated within the bike to give your pedaling a push, reducing your stress. With pedal assist, you don’t have to worry about getting a full leg workout every time you encounter a steep slope.

2) Fast and Flexible

Apart from pedal assist, another benefit of e-bikes is that the same electric motor can work independently and help you cover miles without you having to move your legs. This makes it a perfect little vehicle for work commutes as you can zip through traffic fast and easily without getting sweaty.

3) Improved Fitness

A study by Switzerland’s University of Basel suggests that riding an e-bike can be just as effective as a regular bicycle at improving your fitness. Even though the cycling process is pedal-assisted, it’s still an exercise.

4) Cost Efficiency

Let’s be honest, gas prices in Canada are quite high right now and if you want a cheaper alternative, nothing beats an e-bike. It can really bring down your travel costs around town by 90%!

5) Eco-friendly

One of the most profound benefits of e-bikes in Canada is that it drives down your carbon footprint drastically. E-bikes run on clean energy and do not emit any kind of harmful gas, lowering your pollution per kilometer ratio drastically when compared to a car or a motorcycle.

6) Variety of Designs

As e-bikes gain more and more popularity in Canada, manufacturers also come up with various kinds of electric bikes for all your needs. Whether you want something to carry heavy luggage, simply zip around town, or workout on, you are sure to find the right kind of e-bike.

E-bikes are all the rage now, and it’s time you switch to one too. Reach out to Beachside Bikes for the best deals on electric bikes in Canada. We offer a variety of e-bikes, including fat tire Rambo e-bikes, for the best prices for camping, hunting, city commuting, or working out.

4 Handy Accessories for Your Rambo E-Bikes

Hunting is not an enjoyable task if you don’t have the right accessories. If you have all the essentials of your Rambo electric bike with you, you can go out in the field and have some fun without missing out on anything. But, what are the essential e-bike accessories that you always need to have with you? As Rambo electric bikes make for the best-hunting partners, we’re going to discuss the e-bike accessories you need to have for these bikes. Apart from having the features that make the bike an excellent purchase, they also have accessories like the bike hauler that can be purchased separately for a swift experience. E-bike accessories like the Rambo bike hauler offer benefits like convenience, supply power, and worry-less hunting. Most hunters are eager to have a Rambo electric bike, but they should also have the following accessories for these bikes to make their hunting experience a full joy ride.

1) Rambo Bike Hauler

Your Rambo electric bike can be easily transported with ease using this Fat Tire Bike Hauler. They are made of steel and have a Powder Coated finish for durability. It has the capacity of 2 bikes and can be used for all bike tire sizes that come in Rambo electric bikes. They have an adjustable base that ensures a secure fit and easy storage. It also contains a pivoting feature that allows the hatch to open even if the hauler is still attached to the e-bike. It is one of the must-have e-bike accessories.

2) Portable Tool Kit

One should always be prepared with tools when going on a hunting ride. While on your trip, you may come across situations where your e-bike needs slight tweaks. This is where this Portable Tool Kit helps you. It will come in very handy when the Rambo electric bike faces any issue. It contains essential e-bike accessories like-

  • Hex Wrench
  • Chain Brake
  • Tire Levers
  • Inner Tube Patch Kit
  • CO2 Air Cartridge
  • Spoke Wrench
  • Electric Tape
  • Zip Ties, and
  • Valve Removal Tool

3) Super Bright Headlight

Headlights are a very important tool required while hunting, especially if it’s during nighttime, this LED illuminating powerful headlight with a Lithium-Ion Battery will help show the way for you. This tool is excellent as it can work for a prolonged period and is very beneficial for long rides. It can be easily fastened to any and all of the Rambo electric bikes and is a worthy investment. The price is highly affordable.

4) Black Waterproof Accessory Bag (Half)

This PVC waterproof bag is the perfect tool for protecting your tools from elements and keeping them dry. It will easily contain all the equipment you might need on your ride along like battery, flashlight, phone, etc. The durability, material, space, and size of this bag make it a perfect e-bike accessory. It can easily hold heavy equipment and can be fastened to the Rambo electric bike conveniently.

When looking for accessories, you need to find the right one for you. You can check out Beachside Bikes for these and other accessories for your Rambo electric bike for the best quality and price.

New Ebikes for 2021

For 2021, Beachside Electric Bikes is pleased to announce 3 NEW models of 1000W E-Bikes, Rambo Megatron, Rambo Prowler & Rambo Venom and a NEW 750W E-Bike Model Rambo Rooster. For more details be sure to visit the links below:

Which Rambo Bikes are best for Ladies/Men who are short in stature?

We highly recommend the Rambo Ryder which has been specially customized for shorter rides. This bike stands about 26″ in height, which is great for short framed riders. Watch the video below for more details:

Customers Love our Rambo Bikes

Just want to say thanks for building badass bikes and carts that have totally changed the way we hunt. We use the bike for everything! Pre season scouting, prepping, checking camera, in season scouting, to and from stand locations, as well as last minute adjustments. We are doing all this more efficeently an most importantly all in stealth. Only bad thing about having a Ramo is… you’ll wish you had two of them!
Richie and Anneliese W.
Absolutley love this bike. Outstanding performance, great reliability, built with high quality materials and amazing customer service makes me a repeat Rambo customer.
Keith L
Rambo Electric Bikes
Used all winter for hunting, and it was a game changer. Snow, rivers, mud, etc… the bike performed incredible with the big tires. Excellent product!
Drew H
I live in a suburban area so not much woody terrain to conquer, looking for something to tackle hills and get me through the city and the Savage does that. Although it is a mountain bike I feel it is superior to a “city cruiser” bike because of the build.
Fred J
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