4 Must-Have E-Bike Accessories

E-Bike Accessories

Before you embark on an adventure on your e-bike, there are some e-bike accessories you must have on you that are essential for any ride. When you think of e-bike accessories, the first things that come to mind are helmets and first-aid kits. But there are some accessories you may forget, which may help you during any mishaps and make your adventurous trip smoother and more enjoyable. You should be prepared for any situation that can generally occur. So if you’re looking for a list of some important accessories for your Rambo electric bike, here are the must-have accessories for e-bikes in Canada: 

1) Bike Rack

A solid bike rack is an essential choice of accessory that you must have on your rides. You should choose a bike rack that will easily attach to your Rambo electric bike without distributing or adding a lot of weight so that it does not bother you on rugged terrains. This helps you to avoid carrying additional gear on your back.

2) Bike Bags

In addition to racks, bags are a smart accessory to complete your e-bike setup. They can hang on either side of your e-bike without disturbing your balance. These bags are waterproof and made of strong materials to avoid any damage by heat or other natural elements. They are made with marine-grade material for endurance and long-lasting life. These bags are perfect for the extra gear required for camping or hunting. They have comfortable handles, making them easy to hold even off the bike.

3) Bike Repair Kit

The bike repair kit should always be with you to handle any untimely or accidental damage or issue. The accessories you must have in a bike repair kit are:

  • Hex wrench
  • Chain brake
  • Inner tube patch kit
  • Electrical tape
  • Spoke wrench
  • Tire levers
  • CO2 air cartridge
  • Valve stem removal tool

This kit is one of the most important e-bike accessories you could carry on your ride. Everyone with a bike knows that a flat tire or any other problem may occur at any time and this kit keeps you prepared for any circumstance that may occur.

4) Bike Lights

This happens to almost every enthusiastic rider. When you take some extra miles for adventure and fun and it takes just a little longer than expected, you suddenly find yourself in the later hours of dusk, struggling to find your way back in the dark. This is where bike lights pitch in. As you don’t know when you might hang out just a little late, it is essential to carry it on every ride to show you the path in the dark. These bike lights provide visibility, stealth, and access.

This is a list of essential e-bike accessories every rider must have. For the best e-bikes in Canada and bike accessories, check out Beachside Bikes. We provide the rider and the e-bike with comfort, security, hauling, storage, maintenance, safety, and style.

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