4 Handy Accessories for Your Rambo E-Bikes


4 Handy Accessories for Your Rambo E-Bikes

Hunting is not an enjoyable task if you don’t have the right accessories. If you have all the essentials of your Rambo electric bike with you, you can go out in the field and have some fun without missing out on anything. But, what are the essential e-bike accessories that you always need to have with you? As Rambo electric bikes make for the best-hunting partners, we’re going to discuss the e-bike accessories you need to have for these bikes. Apart from having the features that make the bike an excellent purchase, they also have accessories like the bike hauler that can be purchased separately for a swift experience. E-bike accessories like the Rambo bike hauler offer benefits like convenience, supply power, and worry-less hunting. Most hunters are eager to have a Rambo electric bike, but they should also have the following accessories for these bikes to make their hunting experience a full joy ride.

1) Rambo Bike Hauler

Your Rambo electric bike can be easily transported with ease using this Fat Tire Bike Hauler. They are made of steel and have a Powder Coated finish for durability. It has the capacity of 2 bikes and can be used for all bike tire sizes that come in Rambo electric bikes. They have an adjustable base that ensures a secure fit and easy storage. It also contains a pivoting feature that allows the hatch to open even if the hauler is still attached to the e-bike. It is one of the must-have e-bike accessories.

2) Portable Tool Kit

One should always be prepared with tools when going on a hunting ride. While on your trip, you may come across situations where your e-bike needs slight tweaks. This is where this Portable Tool Kit helps you. It will come in very handy when the Rambo electric bike faces any issue. It contains essential e-bike accessories like-

  • Hex Wrench
  • Chain Brake
  • Tire Levers
  • Inner Tube Patch Kit
  • CO2 Air Cartridge
  • Spoke Wrench
  • Electric Tape
  • Zip Ties, and
  • Valve Removal Tool

3) Super Bright Headlight

Headlights are a very important tool required while hunting, especially if it’s during nighttime, this LED illuminating powerful headlight with a Lithium-Ion Battery will help show the way for you. This tool is excellent as it can work for a prolonged period and is very beneficial for long rides. It can be easily fastened to any and all of the Rambo electric bikes and is a worthy investment. The price is highly affordable.

4) Black Waterproof Accessory Bag (Half)

This PVC waterproof bag is the perfect tool for protecting your tools from elements and keeping them dry. It will easily contain all the equipment you might need on your ride along like battery, flashlight, phone, etc. The durability, material, space, and size of this bag make it a perfect e-bike accessory. It can easily hold heavy equipment and can be fastened to the Rambo electric bike conveniently.

When looking for accessories, you need to find the right one for you. You can check out Beachside Bikes for these and other accessories for your Rambo electric bike for the best quality and price.

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