5 Ways To Make Sure Your Bike is the Fastest

Make your Bike Faster

There’s no doubt that electric bikes are faster than conventional bikes. In fact, they get you up to speed a lot quicker than pedaling. But if you want to make your e-bike go even faster, choosing a Rambo electric bike is your best bet. Its specialized tires, top-of-the-line brakes and cutting-edge battery make it the ultimate choice for speed. Rambo electric bikes are one of the best e-bikes in Canada, imparting speed, adventure and an exhilarating riding experience. We have a host of tips to make your bike faster:

1) Ensure It Is Fully Charged

A battery with a higher charge has a higher voltage, automatically making your bike faster. So ensure that you keep your Rambo electric bike charged. Plug the bike in after every ride instead of just charging it when the battery gets low. This way, your bike will always be ready for a long ride, suiting your speed requirements.

2) Install Higher Voltage Battery

A higher voltage battery will naturally make your bike faster. So invest in one for your Rambo electric bike. But first, make sure that your e-bike controller can handle the higher voltage. Otherwise, it will damage your controller, which will affect your bike’s functioning and performance. Reach out to our e-bike dealer for more assistance.

3) Go for Smooth Tires

The smooth tires of a Rambo electric bike not only make your bike faster but ensure a comfortable ride on the bumpiest roads. Its specialized tires have better traction, provide maximum contact patch, ride smoothly and enhance the durability of your e-bike. When you have such tires, you don’t have to worry about the condition of the roads, be it rough, bumpy, uneven or flat. You can take your bike through the mountains or forests at a speed no one can match.

4) Tune Your Brakes

Poorly tuned brakes can directly affect the speed of your bike. This is because the friction from the brake rub keeps you from speeding. Therefore, ensure that you tune your brakes so you can ride your Rambo electric bike at its full speed next time.

5) Pump Up Your Tires

When you pump up your Rambo electric bike, its tire pressure is elevated. This reduces the rolling resistance and makes your bike faster. Note that with higher tire pressure, a downhill ride can be challenging.

Be it a race or just a regular ride, Rambo electric bikes give you a thrilling experience. Its performance matches the standards of your riding style. You can explore every part of Canada at wind speed with a Rambo electric bike. For excellent e-bikes in Canada, contact Beachside Bikes – we offer high-end electric bikes that allow you to explore the world at your speed.

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