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Full Quiver Outdoors Review

In this video, Gabe talks about his experience with 2 years of using his Rambo electric fat tire bikes for hunting. Gabe feels that Electric bikes are a great way to access his hunting areas. Electric bikes do not leave any scent, they are quiet and they don’t spook game like walking.

EBR Product Review

In this video EBR reviews the Rambo 750 26″ fat-tire electric bike. He talks about the durability of the Sturmey Archer internally geared hub, 180mm hydraulic brakes in the front and rear, coupled with motor inhibitors for massive stopping power.

Customers Love our Rambo Bikes

Just want to say thanks for building badass bikes and carts that have totally changed the way we hunt. We use the bike for everything! Pre season scouting, prepping, checking camera, in season scouting, to and from stand locations, as well as last minute adjustments. We are doing all this more efficeently an most importantly all in stealth. Only bad thing about having a Ramo is… you’ll wish you had two of them!
Richie and Anneliese W.
Absolutley love this bike. Outstanding performance, great reliability, built with high quality materials and amazing customer service makes me a repeat Rambo customer.
Keith L
Rambo Electric Bikes
Used all winter for hunting, and it was a game changer. Snow, rivers, mud, etc… the bike performed incredible with the big tires. Excellent product!
Drew H
I live in a suburban area so not much woody terrain to conquer, looking for something to tackle hills and get me through the city and the Savage does that. Although it is a mountain bike I feel it is superior to a “city cruiser” bike because of the build.
Fred J
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