Which Wheel Size Should You Get For Your E-bike?

Wheel Size

Wheel sizes definitely impact your e-bike ride right from acceleration to pothole maneuvering. And to have wheels that fit your e-bike and also bring comfort while riding is of utmost necessity. This is why you need to select a proper wheel size to get your e-bike moving. Check out the different sizes below:

16 Inches and 20 Inches

These sizes of wheels are typically found in electric bikes that are foldable. Due to their light weight, such bikes can be easily transported from one place to another. 

24 Inches

Ideally pertaining to an age gap of 11-14, these 24-inch wheels are recommended for bikers between the height of 4’5″ to 4’9″. Many adults who fall in this height category can ride the e-bike with these wheel sizes easily.  Furthermore, another determining factor would be your inseam or inside leg length. If your inseam length falls between 24 inches to 28 inches, you will be able to ride conveniently. 

26 Inches

Where 24-inch bike wheels would smoothly glide through easy trails, 26inch bike wheels are meant for more rocky and uneven terrains. This wheel size is one of the most commonly used, be it for mountain bikes or road bikes or even beach cruisers. This wheel size will be ideal for you if your height lies between 5’4″ and 5’7″ and inseam is between 25 inches and 30 inches. If you are taller than this range, you can opt for a 27.5 inches or 29 inches size. 

29 Inches

The e-bike with a 29-inch wheel size swiftly cuts through every terrain with its bigger diameter, supreme traction and higher attack angle. Individuals having a height of more than 5’7″ can opt for this wheel size. 

How Does the Wheel Size Affect Your Ride?

Getting a proper wheel size for your e-bike might seem secondary as compared to other e-bike elements, such as its battery or paddles. However, a wheel is one of the most essential elements of your e-bike that will influence the way you handle and ride your bike. For example, a 29-inch wheel will glide over the bumps on the road better while a 24-inch wheel would experience a bit of difficulty in comparison due to its smaller diameter. This also means that the possibility of a 24-inch wheel sinking in a pothole is more than that of a 26-inch wheel.

However, there are downsides to the larger wheels too. With comparatively less mass, a lower size wheel would pick up speed quicker than the large ones, giving it the advantage of acceleration. Moreover, bikes with larger wheels would face difficulty in maneuvering the wheels. This is why a smaller circumference of wheels is recommended in areas with a large population.

Owing to this, it all comes down to the fact that your e-bike can be of great support to your wheels and vice-versa. A seamless partnership between your electric bike and its wheels will take you to the ends of the world. Bringing the best of both to your disposal, Beachside Bikes is all about the quality of the e-bike and a great adventure with it. Not only that, but we take great care in fitting the perfect size of wheels in your e-bike so that it will never hamper your biking expeditions.

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