6 Reasons Why You Need to Switch to an E-Bike


The future is electric? Not anymore. EV technology has become the present thing now, and it’s not only limited to luxury electric cars or motorcycles. EV technology has entered the bicycle scene, too, transforming how you travel around your town.

E-bikes are quickly gaining popularity as the preferred mode of transportation for short distances. So, if you are someone who travels short distances often in your car or on your bicycle, it’s time to switch to e-bikes, and here are a few reasons why.

1) Assisted Biking

Biking can be a fun and cheap way of getting around but not everyone likes pedaling everywhere, right? That’s where e-bikes come in. E-bikes come with pedal assist, which is an electric motor integrated within the bike to give your pedaling a push, reducing your stress. With pedal assist, you don’t have to worry about getting a full leg workout every time you encounter a steep slope.

2) Fast and Flexible

Apart from pedal assist, another benefit of e-bikes is that the same electric motor can work independently and help you cover miles without you having to move your legs. This makes it a perfect little vehicle for work commutes as you can zip through traffic fast and easily without getting sweaty.

3) Improved Fitness

A study by Switzerland’s University of Basel suggests that riding an e-bike can be just as effective as a regular bicycle at improving your fitness. Even though the cycling process is pedal-assisted, it’s still an exercise.

4) Cost Efficiency

Let’s be honest, gas prices in Canada are quite high right now and if you want a cheaper alternative, nothing beats an e-bike. It can really bring down your travel costs around town by 90%!

5) Eco-friendly

One of the most profound benefits of e-bikes in Canada is that it drives down your carbon footprint drastically. E-bikes run on clean energy and do not emit any kind of harmful gas, lowering your pollution per kilometer ratio drastically when compared to a car or a motorcycle.

6) Variety of Designs

As e-bikes gain more and more popularity in Canada, manufacturers also come up with various kinds of electric bikes for all your needs. Whether you want something to carry heavy luggage, simply zip around town, or workout on, you are sure to find the right kind of e-bike.

E-bikes are all the rage now, and it’s time you switch to one too. Reach out to Beachside Bikes for the best deals on electric bikes in Canada. We offer a variety of e-bikes, including fat tire Rambo e-bikes, for the best prices for camping, hunting, city commuting, or working out.

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